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5 Foolproof Ways to Create Irresistible Offers

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How you create and set up offers is entirely up to you! We like to think of offers like items on a menu – provide customers with a bunch of options within your skill set. With great headlines, descriptions, and photos, you’ll have them drooling in no time!

1. Categorize like a customer

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes! Choose a category that best represents the services you provide. When creating offers, you have to consider two things – What is your area of expertise and where are your clients likely to look for you?

Nick: While Nick might think his web development services could fall under Art & Design, or Sales and Marketing, most clients will search for him under Websites & eCommerce.

Carrie: Photography is a form of art, so Carrie may also think she could fall in the Art & Design category. However, her customers will search for her under Photography.

Think like your customer when picking your category.


2. Hook em’ with the headline

After choosing a category, it’s time to create an offer. The first step is creating astellar headline. The goal of a headline is to provide a clear, concise (minimum of 15 characters), and creative sentence about the specific service you wish to offer customers. You want to throw out the bait, and get them to bite!

Nick: Quick and Cost Efficient Web Design, Creative and User Friendly Web Design, Need a Website Transformation?

Carrie: Capturing Happily Ever After, Milestone Family Photography, Photographing Your Furry Friend

Create one headline per offer and keep it clear, concise, and creative.

3. Describe your offer

Customers will see your headline and click to learn more about the service. After writing a killer headline, you will be asked to provide 200+ character description of what you’re offering. Your description should include three important elements. The first line should be a micro biography, summarizing what you do and why you’re the person for the job. The second paragraph should expand on the headline by providing details about what customers can expect from your service. Lastly, provide the customer with links to previous work to give them an idea of your style.

Summarize what you do in one sentence, mention your skill set, describe what the customer will receive from your service and link to your best relevant work.

4. To travel or not to travel

Now that you’ve written a headline and description, it’s important to note whether you’ll work remotely, locally, or both! When deciding, take into account the cost of your service vs. travel time. If you choose to work locally, you may also decide how far you’re willing to travel for work. The maximum is 100 miles.

Work remotely, locally (up to 100 miles away), or both!

As a web developer, Nick will choose to work remotely.

Carrie photographs events locally, up to 100 miles away. She knows that a huge part of her job is to shoot on location!

5. Upload examples

The finishing touch of your offer is adding a photo. It’s a great way to showcase your specific talents. Upload or snap a photo in the app of the service you wish you provide. Make sure the quality of the image is good so that the customer can see how talented you are.

Post an image as an example of your service!

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