Meet Chris Colbourn, Skater

How lucky are we to have recently been able to feature top tispr Chris Colbourn?!

Affectionately known as “Cookie” (he has training as a baker!) this driven LA transplant is sponsored by Element, New Balance, Spitfire, Bones Swiss, Mountain Dew, Grizzly, Diamond, Brooklyn Projects and Talent Skatepark (oh you know, just to name a few).

When asked why he does what he does (including such feats as traveling to China, Spain and Dubai for world-renowned skate videos), the laid-back Vermont native replies:

“I skateboard for a living because it is my passion. It has led me to places I never could’ve imagined.”

And for all you aspiring skaters out there trying to make it in his world, Chris fondly advises you to:

“Never give up. Skating may drain you mentally and physically, but there is nothing more satisfying than landing a trick the way you envisioned it, no matter how long it takes you…”

So that’s the way the cookie (doesn’t) crumble!

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